(06/14/98) We are dropping the BASIC SERVICE offering as of 1 July 1998. This was the service level that offered FREE E-Mail only. This will allow us to offer better service to the paying subscribers.

(11/28/97) We are "Revamping" our PREMIUM service offerings! We will continue to offer our PREMIUM service (40 hours per month with overtime charged at $.01 per minute) at $12.00 per month. However, we are introducing 2 new additional PREMIUM services.

COUPLE's DIALUP PREMIUM SERVICE . . . . . . . . . $13.95 per month
2 separate accounts are offered on the same subscription service, with each account receiving the full PREMIUM SERVICE and 2 separate Email addresses. This service is intended for a couple that shares one computer on one phone line in the same household.

FAMILY DIALUP PREMIUM SERVICE . . . . . . . . . . $18.00 per month
Same features as with the COUPLE'S DIALUP PREMIUM SERVICE described above. Except that 4 separate accounts are offered on the same subscription service, with each account receiving the full PREMIUM SERVICE and 4 separate Email addresses. This service is intended for a family that shares one computer on one phone line in the same household.

Any present subscriber who wants to convert his/her present account to one of these 2 new services can do so. You will be credited with your present paid bill towards the new subscription rate.

NOTE: Pinging or running an online mail client to hold a connection open is not permitted and may deny access to a user that wishes to actively use the system. Connections that are idle for long periods of time, or that have routine ping recycles of the timer are subject to disconnection. Users that wish to connect and remain idle for long periods of time should consider dedicated access.

(07/21/97) A FREE Service to Paying Subscribers. We have just added the ability to forward your E-Mail to whatever email address you want. For instance, if you are going on vacation, visiting relatives, on a business trip, etc. and have an email address where you would like to receive your email, we can temporarily forward your email during that time period. This service is FREE to our paying subscribers.

(06/08/97) Newsgroups have been turned on now since 01 June 97. The preliminary testing shows them to be working fine. Please try them and give me feedback if you find a problem with them. Also, send me E-Mail if you want any additional newsgroups added to the conference list.

(2/3/97) The paragraph on the Wildcat! Navigator at the bottom of the text on the home page now links to a brief on how to install and configure the Navigator. It also shows what file to download to suit your particular needs. You can print this file and follow the instructions to get it configured properly.

(2/2/97) The phone number available for Users (see below) is now in rotary or rollover. Therefore, you should remove all other numbers for dialing Pikes Peak Online. The number listed below should be the only one shown in your Dialer, whether you are using ANSI (i.e. ProComm Plus, QmodemPro, etc.) or a Browser (i.e. Wildcat Navigator).

Your Wildcat Navigator entries would look like this:

Pikes Peak Online-John 447-1322 ModemCOM1
Pikes Peak Online-Suzan 447-1322 ModemCOM1

The number shown above will serve all numbers in the rollover sequence.

(01/12/97) The LINKS are all up now, at least 99%. Try them and see how you like them. We think the Mapping and Phone Directory listings are the highlight of these links.

(11/13/96) All ANSI users should check the "Your Settings" option. Messages will be much easier to read if you have the "Read Message Mode" set to Clear Screen rather than Scroll Mode. This will clear the screen after each message so that the next message starts at the top of the screen.

Also, the Erase the Pause Prompts option in "Your Settings" should be set to Yes. The Screen Editor should be set to Full Screen Editor, not Line Edito,r unless you have some overriding reason to use a Line Editor.

(11/10/96) Internet Newsgroups are in the "200" block of conferences for those of you using an ANSI interface. For the Browser users, the conference numbers are not shown, but you can't miss the Internet Newsgroup Conferences due to the uniqueness of the conference names.

Please review them and reset your "Update Conference" option (ANSI users) or "Selected Conferences" (Browser users) to include the new ones of interest for your mail reader. Also, note that a text file exists in the FIDO, RIME, Internet File area that lists other Newsgroups and Fido Echos that are available (Newsgrps.Txt and FidoNet.NA). Download and browse these files. If you see a subject in these files that you would like to have added as a new conference, let us know and, if possible, we'll add it.

(11/08/96) RealtyNet is a special set of Internet Newsgroups which were created to accomodate advertising. You will see the complete set of RealtyNet Newsgroups in the conference areas in the Internet Newsgroups. These newsgroups provide real estate information on various regions of North America and a real estate questions & answers forum.

(11/08/96) FidoNet is here! You now have access to FIDO EchoMail conferences and person to person NetMail. Please read Bulletin #3 for rules prior to posting to these conferences. Note that NetMail within FidoNet is similar to E-mail within Internet. Ask the Sysop if you need further explanation of EchoMail versus NetMail.

All USERS are requested to please Leave mail/comments for the SYSOP for suggestions on improvements and additions to Pikes Peak Online.