Open up to a new chapter in online systems: Wildcat! 5 for Windows 95/NT

Wildcat! 5 for Windows 95/NT combines the easy-to-use interface of the World Wide Web with the power and functionality of the world’s most popular BBS software. The result is an exciting solution that provides you with the tools to create anything from a basic information system to a powerful online service.

Wildcat! 5 is more than just a Web server.

With built-in support for public and private messaging, real-time chat and intelligent file search and retrieval capability, Wildcat! 5 gives you much more than just a basic Web server. Wildcat! 5 lets you create a genuine online community where callers come back again and again.

Why settle for a few pages when you can have the whole book?

Are you considering the World Wide Web for your online needs? Consider this. A web page is great for getting hits, but your own online information service can give you more. Messaging. File Management. Interactive teleconferencing. Data security. Your own online community where members want to come back and interact. For less money.

But where do you turn to get your own online service? Turn to the company that's been creating online software not for 10 months or 10 weeks, but 10 years: Mustang Software. Then open up to a new chapter in online systems with the power of Wildcat! 5 for Windows 95/NT. It's a 32-bit online information system that combines the browsing ease of the Web with the powerful features of a bulletin board system to give you the ultimate information server. Wildcat! has the power and features to provide an online solution for nearly any type of business wanting to get on the information superhighway.

So why settle for a few pages?

With a world of connectivity and powerful options at its disposal, Wildcat! is truly the online solution for your business. Download the Wildcat! Navigator from Mustang's Online Service. You can reach it at telnet://,,, or via dial-up modem at 1-805-873-2400. If you'd like to discover how Wildcat! is creating online solutions for companies, call our Wildcat! Solutions Office at 1-800-999-9619 for a free consultation.

Mustang Software -- the company that makes it easy for your company to start a BBS.

Mustang Software, Inc. takes great pride in presenting its family of BBS and communication products. Since our inception in 1986, we have sought to become an industry leader in the PC telecommunications world. Today, we rank as the premier single-source supplier of Bulletin Board Systems and related software worldwide. We offer a broad range of on-line products that include communications software, single and multi-user BBS programs and E-Mail connectivity products. We connect the world with functional, easy-to-use communications tools.

We are especially proud that our products have not only made a contribution to worldwide communications, but have also created an industry. Today, Fortune 500 companies increasingly recognize Bulletin Board Systems as a valuable communications tool-both inside and outside their organizations. Our professional communications software products are the most full-featured in the industry. And we continue to pioneer new innovations which keep our customers ahead of the competition.

We invite you to see the many ways Mustang Software is connecting the world. For more information about Wildcat! BBS software and our other cutting-edge products -- or for the name of the Mustang Software dealer nearest you -- call toll-free (1-800-999-9619 or 1-805-873-2500).

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