General Information

If you were to look for the ultimate online information system, where would you start? You would look for a system built upon the most advanced, 32-bit operating systems like Windows 95 and Windows NT so you wouldn't be limited to the 16 bit access and 640K RAM of DOS. You would look for the proven interface of the most popular bulletin board system to give your users access to e-mail, messages, files, teleconferences and more. And finally, you would want to make it easy to connect to and navigate so your system would truly have global appeal. Look no further than Wildcat! 5 for Windows 95/NT. Wildcat! 5 is a true 32-bit Windows client/server application designed to provide an online information system solution for a broad range of applications. It delivers an exciting interactive multimedia experience which creates a sense of community for callers-- a place where they'll want to visit over and over again.

This system operates on Windows 95/NT.